Collaborative Art Straight from the Subconscious. 

This year The Subconscious Canvas is excited to introduce a collaborative piece of art that will be on display during the show. 

During the course of the workshop period each artists will come to Contra Galleries to work on a collaborative Subconscious Art Piece. During this mini exhibitions, artist will listen to a hypnosis recording in a zero gravity chair and then proceed to work on the collaborative canvas. 

Each subsequent artist will continue to add to the piece in the following mini exhibitions. 

The public is invite to join the artists while they listen to the recording and watch as they produce art. 

By allowing the public to observe this experiential and experimental creation, we hope to curate a community feeling. Guests are welcome to bring their own art supplies and create along side the artist while they work. 

There is power and energy in creation and community. 


A Subconscious Canvas for Creating