“Travel light. Live light. Spread the light. Be the light. ”— YOGI BHAJAN

MODERN RITUAL NYC is a holistic lifestyle offering for mind, body and soul.

From healing sessions and workshops to a line of artisanal energetic products crafted in NYC to serve the divine light within all.

Founded by native New Yorker, Valerie Oula, MODERN RITUAL NYC's intention is to bring light and peace into our frenetic daily lives. Through her training as a kundalini yoga instructor, reiki master teacher, as well as in NLP, hypnosis & past life regression and so many more healing modalities, Valerie has brought her years of spiritual seeking into the creation of every MODERN RITUAL NYC offering.

MODERN RITUAL NYC is an offering of light. 

May we continue to share the light til we remember our truth and be our radiant, brilliant selves.

Valerie oula will be performing the gong bath sound therapy treatment with the artists to help them explore their subconscious minds through a journey of ancient traditions.

Valerie Oula performing Gong Therapy

Valerie Oula performing Gong Therapy


Ready for a deeper shift? Ready for support in processing life experiences?Ready to unwind and release energetic blocks?     BOOK SESSIONS /CLASSES - CLICK HERE!

Reiki  /  Sound Healing & Floral Acupuncture /  Kundalini Yoga Session:  

energetic body balancing


Luminous Shift Session:

integrative blend of energy modalities, sound healing and vibrational essences to shed old patterns for deep subtle body healing

90mins $225



Past Life Regression Session:  

therapeutic release for the subconscious mind

All sessions take place at Luminous Grace from Modern Ritual NYC 1133 Broadway (at 26th Street) by appointment only.

At-home privates/semi-privates/ custom group workshops and Skype sessions also available, please email for rates.


Regular Weekly Class Schedule:  

Kundalini Yoga:   Wed & Fri @ Golden Bridge Yoga NYC  /   Sat @ YogaWorks Upper West Side

Kundalini Meditation:  Mon/ Tues / Fri @MNDFL  (various locations: Greenwich Village/ Upper East/ Williamsburg)

Semi-Private Kundalini Yoga: coming soon to Luminous Grace healing space

Workshops & Retreats: TBD